Battlezone Gameplay Video Showcases The PS VR Shooter

With development on Battlezone pretty much finished, a new video has surfaced showing the shooter in action. And confirming that the first-person shooter is fast and smooth.

With the launch of the PlayStation VR next month, Battlezone is making a return.

The original classic is recognized as a significant milestone in the golden age of arcade gaming that started in the late 70s and lasted till the middle of 80s. Its wireframe vector graphics via a VR-style viewfinder provided a different perspective to the two-dimensional plane of other titles at the time.

Like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaxian.

But while Battlezone never became a franchise, it did saw a series of titles released in the 90s, as well as various ports and updates over the years.

Now, the advent of virtual reality gaming on consoles with the PS VR, Battlezone has a chance to return to its roots. A host of different websites, including Polygon, have put up gameplay demos of what promises to be one of the most engaging launch titles for the PlayStation VR platform.

Give it a watch below:

Players once again play the game through a headset, battling green and red tanks in first-person mode.

The most notable thing here is the speed and movement of this game, with the tanks skidding around on a smooth sci-fi plane. Enemies come in waves, each with a varying level of hostility, defenses and attack weapons, and some are even airborne.

One element that is surprisingly missing is player-versus-player combat — an odd omission for a shooting game.

But developer Rebellion has hinted that it may be added later.

Overall, Battlezone has shaped up to be an excellent title for the PS VR, and may well be one of the more popular choices for buyers of the virtual reality headset when it launches on October 13 along with the PlayStation VR.

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