Bring Your Phone Into PlayStation VR With anywhereVR

Oh, that name! Sony has announced the anywhereVR experience that projects the display on your phone into virtual reality via the PlayStation VR.

This offers, what the company calls, supreme relaxation.

Yes, really.

Sony Music Entertainment, the company’s music division, unveiled this new relaxation app for its upcoming headset during a Tokyo Game Show 2016 press conference, and they even had this short clip to go with it:

The idea here is to allow users to check their messages and apps without having to remove the PS VR headset — not the worse idea of all time, as far as these things go.

As a matter of pure fact, the PS VR is not the first headset that integrates user’s smartphones and projects them in the virtual reality space. HTC Vive also allows for this access to handsets when in VR so that users do not miss calls and texts.

The footage above makes it clear that the app does not fully replicate the look and position of the phone in virtual reality. It simply is a projection of the handset, a holographic projection.


Remains to be seen if there are any navigation issues involved here.

Sony Music has not actually confirmed that whether this solution will be released outside Japan, and if it works with any and all smartphones or only the Sony branded ones. But considering the fact that this is the first time that the PlayStation 4 has been connected to phones this way, a lot of questions remain.

anywhereVR does not currently have a release date yet, but since the PlayStation VR is headed for an October 13 launch, the arrival of this solution is probably is not too far into the future.

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