CAPCOM Intends To Lead The VR Market With Resident Evil 7

That’s the spirit! Pun aside, even though a game like Resident Evil 7 was a natural fit for VR, CAPCOM struggled with the development process, which was plagued by difficulties.

This was revealed in the company’s latest annual report (PDF file) that also highlighted several other interesting aspects of this survival horror title.

The game saw a series of difficulties right after developers started work on the project. And that was due to the fact that in addition to the high-resolution and high-definition consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the company also decided to make the game compatible with the PS VR.

With VR, CAPCOM felt that they could not bring the game to market unless it had photorealistic graphics on part with live-action films.

And this led to a rethinking of the way they developed games, because conventional methods either took too long or cost too much. CAPCOM adopted 3D scanning to produce the game assets.

Luckily, it all came together well for the company, and it now says that it intends to lead the VR market with Resident Evil 7.

Jun Takeuchi, Managing Corporate Officer & Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1:

“I have strong feelings for this series, having been personally involved since the first game. However, I am exceptionally enthusiastic about this new title. This is because this year, which some are calling “VR year one,” we will attempt to take the lead in this new market with RESIDENT EVIL 7. If we fail to deliver in terms of the game world or technology, we will be unable to create the kind of innovative game players demand. In order to succeed with both of these and take on the challenges in this new market, a balance between the wild instinct of inspiration and rationality of data analysis is indispensable. Being satisfied with the status quo means game over.

Despite this difficult struggle, I am enjoying the challenge. Increasing the focus on fear, we will take you deeper into the world’s ultimate survival horror game.”

Good stuff.

How CAPCOM has positioned Resident Evil 7 as the premiere VR experience is perfectly understandable and makes sense on so many levels, since it is the first big franchise with AAA budget to receive virtual reality support for the full game.

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