GameStop Seeing Strong Attach Rates For PlayStation VR

With the launch official launch of the PlayStation VR behind us, it is time now to get down to more pressing matters. Like numbers, statistics, figures, supply, demand, sales and success.

And attach rates, for that matter.

When it comes to the latter, though, GameStop reports some good things.

CEO Paul Raines recently confirmed that the PlayStation VR is off to a good start by indicating that they have seen strong attach rate for the device. Not only have consumer purchased the PS VR headset, but also the Move controllers, the PlayStation Eye camera and games.

Praising the amount of software available for the platform on day one, he said:

“Our attach rate for PlayStation VR was one of the highest of the year. Sony has been working on VR for over four years and there are a lot of publishers who have been developing games for PSVR, which is why we’re seeing 50 games in the launch window.

That’s a good way to put your product in the market. Wii U had 10 titles and half were shovelware and not great titles.”

The Nintendo Wii U is a good comparison here, for being something of a known product with a solid fan base, but the console never really caught off for one reason or another.

Primarily the lack of good games.

What this means is that the early signs for Sony are good here, particularly when considering the fact that the PlayStation VR is being sold at a profit. And the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro will also be here next month to offer friendlier specifications for virtual reality games and content.

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