High PlayStation VR Game Prices Are A Problem

A problem that Sony has to negate going forward! The PlayStation VR is a particularly excellent device for anyone that is yet to experience virtual reality. Well made, with a handful of neat games.

Mind blowing, in simpler terms, for first time users.

But what else is mind blowing, sadly, is the price of some of the titles that are available for the platform.

This is turning out to be a major drawback for the headset, actually. More so, when you consider that the entry point is not exactly affordable for those that want the full experience.

There is the $399 investment for the headset, then the camera, then the controller, and, of course, the PS4 console too. That’s without even taking into account the import duties, customs, taxes and whatnot in some other regions.

And the last thing anyone needs after this is to spend a considerable amount on games.

Games, which are mostly either tacked on VR modes for current titles, or short experiences that offer a few hours of gameplay at most. And when you consider the fact that many of these titles retail for anywhere from $20 to the full price of $60, that is quite a bit.

For example, one of the more popular games for the system, Batman: Arkham VR takes a little more than an hour to complete, and there is barely any replay value in it afterwards.

Another one is Job Simulator that is basically an experience totally 4 hours, and costs even more.

Worst of all is EVE: Valkyrie, a multiplayer dogfighter set in space in the EVE Online universe on the PC where the game received middling reviews at best. On the PlayStation 4 this is a full price title, which even has in-game purchases for characters to level up faster.

At these prices, these games — which in many cases are just glorified demos — will surely put off casual players. And this is something that the PS VR is actually all about.

Novelty only takes you so far into the living room!


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