Pixel Gear, Tethered, Carnival Games Next Up For PlayStation VR

Launch day has come and gone, without any apparent hiccups, for the PlayStation VR. And now, the focus is shifting towards what’s next for the PS4 virtual reality headset.

A whole swarm of games were available on day one, not all of which were lengthy experiences. Case in point being Batman: Arkham VR, which barely takes hour to go through it all.

No wonder, then, that gamers are already looking forward to what is next on the horizon for the PS VR.

Well, luckily for them, the next two weeks of games look pretty good. Among the promising titles are releases like Pixel Gear, Tethered, Carnival Games, and Windlands. You can check out two of these games in the videos below:


Tethered and Windlands will both launch on October 25. The former is a refreshing new strategy game that has players guiding a cutesy clan of creatures as they gather resources by day and prepared to defend themselves from enemies at night.

The latter, meanwhile, is a first-person adventure that is actually already available both on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and has been well received.

Also arriving next week is the VR debut from 2K Games in the form of Carnival Games, which is a refreshed version of a Wii U game that makes for a rather charming and whimsical pastime.

And finally, there is Pixel Gear, a simple wave-based shooter that has launched today on PSN, while gamers in the US also got access to Sports Bar VR this week that launched in Europe last week.

So, all in all some promising debuts and pretty healthy offering of games over the next couple of weeks.

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