PlayStation 4 Slim Model Images Leak

In fact, the unit itself appears for sale online, complete with box and accessories! It seems a very distinct possibility that a PlayStation 4 Slim model is something that Sony is working on.

Alongside the Neo, of course.

The console is due a refresh, of course, and keeping in mind the fact that Microsoft just did one for its machine, dubbed the Xbox One S, it only makes sense that the Japanese giant also does the same and unveil a more refined model.

And it appears that this is exactly what it is about to do, as an ad running on the UK classifieds and community website Gumtree invites buyers to purchase what the seller claims is this upcoming, unannounced PlayStation 4 Slim Line console.

Hard to tell if its legit or not, but the unboxed images that the seller provided to Polygon do make it look quite authentic.

Have a gander:

The console is quite slim, as you can see, with rounded edges, unlike the squared ones of the currently available standard console. Images inside the box reveal that this console has probably originated from either the Europe region, or the Middle East, somewhere Arabic.

No details on the hardware, and whether Sony has made some improvements for compatibility with the soon to be released PlayStation VR headset.

Maybe even allowing for some less powerful titles?

There is nothing written on the box, either, that signifies this as being a new, slim variant of the Sony console. But perhaps the company wants it to be this way.

If it’s a fake, it’s about as elaborate as it gets, this much is very much certain.

In any case, it will not take us more than a month to know the truth, as Sony gets ready to host its PlayStation event on September 7.

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