PlayStation VR Ad Sucks You Into The World Of Batman: Arkham VR

By some counts, Batman: Arkham VR is the best launch title on the PlayStation VR system. Not because of its depth or even story, but when taken as a whole experience.

It is, in many ways, different than other games available for PS VR right now.

Perhaps, it can be classified as the most suitable game that can be played on Sony’s virtual reality system, as it completely syncs into the VR platform. Players get a wonderfully immersive experience right from the introduction scene, and directorial excellence ensure proper VR implementation.

No wonder, then, that Sony is heavily promoting the game.

The company has released a new commercial of their VR system, and it focuses on this hot new game, with the guy in the ad putting on the virtual reality headset before he starts sinking down into his living room floor like quicksand.

And suddenly, his living room becomes the Batcave, and he, Batman.

No point talking about it further, just watch the ad below:

Great stuff.

PlayStation VR is now available for the PS4 system, and Batman: Arkham VR is also here as a launch title, getting solid reviews as a game that can be particularly enjoyed by fans of the comic character.

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