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    <br><br>The idea that there is a pre-modern era of “anything goes” with regards to normative naturalna depilacja bodies can be a commonplace. Lennard Davis, too, in his important work on the disabled body and what he calls “enforcing normalcy” claims that “before the arrival of statistics within the nineteenth century” images of lovely women including Venus possessed “a mythic poetic body related to that with the gods” and therefore “there isn’t demand that populations have bodies that comply with the ideal”.<br><br>ImageIf you peer more closely with the premodern period, however, these assumptions take time and effort to sustain. It can be a commonplace in today’s psychological literature that body image and also the desire for body modification of all types is profoundly suffering from an unconscious assimilation of images taken from a variety of media sources. It is impossible to conduct psychological experiments, of course, on long-dead subjects, but my question for you is – can the proliferation of images from the female nude through the early sixteenth century onwards have affected women’s notions of their very own bodies?<br>

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