Playstation VR pre-orders sold out in five minutes at Gamestop

At GameStop’s financial conference call for the second quarter of fiscal year 2016, their execs talked about their partnership with Sony and preparations for the Playstation VR.

In their words, when the PlayStation VR was offered to consumers as a preorder, it had the “quickest sellout in GameStop’s history,” with the retailer running out of units “literally in five minutes.”

It’s clear that there is a TON of demand for this platform.

Disturbingly, it seems like there may be limited copies of the Playstation VR available this fall so if and when you are able to preorder, you should do that as soon as possible.

I visited my local Gamestop store and asked about the preorder situation with the Playstation – the lady there told me that they were sold out as soon as they announced it.

Looks like Sony may have a hit on their hands.

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