PlayStation VR Sells 50,000 Headsets In Japan In First Week

The numbers are finally in! For home turf, at least. Sony managed to sell some 50,000 PlayStation VR headsets in Japan in the first week of release, while China ranked second in Asia.

Where 10,000 units changed hands.

This has been reported by Mediacreate, by the way.

And although the sales numbers may sound underwhelming when taken alongside the 2.6 million sales projection for the headset that some analysts were predicting, the sales are not due to limited demand, it is being said.

Instead, Sony seems to have supplied limited numbers of the headset, in order to test the response from early adopters of the console virtual reality system.

This, according to a tweet by Daniel Ahmad, an industry analyst:

He further claims that supply will be limited until the end of the year, so that the company can work on new software and add new features to the headset that launched on October 13 worldwide to go up against the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

And then there is also the case of the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console that is set to debut next month, and plays particularly nicely with the PS VR.

The added power and performance, people say, really helps with immersion.

Be interesting how things pan out these next month or two, and whether gamers be left hanging dry during the holiday shopping season that is fast approaching. The last thing Sony needs is a supply shortage during this very crucial and critical launch phase.

Your thoughts here?

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