This Retailer Is Charging Gamers To Try The PlayStation VR

The nerves! In-store demos for the PlayStation VR are nothing new, they have been going on since June, but people are unhappy that a retailer is actually charging them to try the virtual reality headset.

In fact, it is advertising the promotion, revealing what it will cost gamers to take PS VR for a spin!

UK retailer GAME Is charging people up to £15 to test drive the new PlayStation VR headsets in its stores, claiming that the fee is refundable against the headset orders and has actually been enabled to employ dedicated staff for the demo stands.

Which is odd, because other retailers across the globe have also done the same, for free.

Here is tweet that details this controversial promotion:

Anyway, GAME issued a statement after the anger and controversy that rose by it charging for in-store demos, describing it as an initiative that was not influenced by Sony in any way, shape or form:

“Our pay-to-play PlayStation VR experience is a Game-led initiative. The cost to use the in-store PS4 pod is entirely refundable for customers that go on to buy either the headset or a PS4 console. The payment allows us to ensure that we have dedicated staff manning the PlayStation VR pods who have been fully trained to adhere to best practice demo guidelines.

The demos are intended to give our customers access to one of the most exciting new gaming technologies in 2016 and provide them with the opportunity to get a feel for VR before they commit to buy.”

And this is the full pricing:

  • £5 ($6) for a 10-minute demo
  • £10 ($12) for a 20-minute demo
  • £15 ($18) for a 30-minute demo

Customers have to book a time in advance for this. And if they decide to buy the PlayStation VR after the completion of their demo, the fee cost will be deducted from their purchase.


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