RTS Korix Headed For PlayStation VR

Things just got interesting! The real-time strategy genre certainly has seen better days, but it now counts Korix among its ranks, an RTS game that has just been announced for the PlayStation VR.

Can’t have too many RTS games, I like to say!

In production at the virtual reality game developer StellarVR, this new game was officially announced on the PlayStation Blog, with the post revealing that gamers will take the role of a commander in deep space who is fighting for survival after the home world is destroyed.

The premise:

“Korix places you somewhere deep in space, fighting for your race’s survival after your homeworld is destroyed. With nothing left to lose, you are put in the role of commander with the sole mission of taking the fight back to the enemy, showing them that you will not go down without a fight!”

Watch the announcement trailer below:

Definitely got that classic, early 90s look to it.

The game blends a stylized retro-look with tower-defense elements, and offers a campaign that last anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. Skirmish modes are also in, as is online multiplayer for up to four players that can duke it out competitively or cooperatively.

Korix certainly has all the bases covered, pun intended.

A release date has not been mentioned, with the trailer simply stating that it’s coming soon.

You can keep an eye on the official StellarVR website for the details.

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