Sony May Be Preparing A New PlayStation Move Controller

Although it came long before competing solutions, the PlayStation Move controller is an important part of the PlayStation VR experience, offering positon-tracked controls in virtual reality.

The deal is that it’s far from perfect.

And similar peripherals for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both do an excellent job on their own.

Fortunately, it appears that things are about to change here for the PlayStation VR, and a more refined version of the controller could be on the way. First spotted by a member of the Beyond3D forum, Sony seems to have filed for a new model of the Move.

In fact, the listing at an Indonesian certification agency actually mentions this updated controller with a new model number, CECH-ZCM1G.

The previous model number for the PlayStation Move was CECH-ZCM1E, which could be a sign that this new iteration could be a small update for the device.

At this point it may be too much to expect any major revisions to the hardware, though that it not outside the realm of possibility.

But any improvement is welcome, considering the fact that the current Move controllers do not have the most precise tracking, at least when compared to the Oculus Touch and the Vive wands. Not to mention, they do not feature analog sticks, either.

Whatever the changes are in store, large or small, the original Move controllers will probably still be compatible with the PlayStation VR.

The headset launches October 13, and we can expect these new controllers to be available by then too.

Thoughts on this?

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