Video Showcases Unreal Engine Powered PS VR Games

When you think about it, Epic with its Unreal Engine is the second most involved party with the recent PlayStation VR launch, right after Sony. Hard to think of any other establishment.

And that’s simply because the whole array of games powered by the Unreal Engine that highlight what the virtual reality platform is capable of.

The development community around the UE technology has delivered the goods when it comes to launch titles, and with more in line to arrive in the coming months, Epic definitely has pioneered the advent of mainstream virtual reality with its game engine.

And to showcase this, the company recently published a post on the official Unreal Engine blog, with a highlight reel of PS VR games it powers.

Immerse yourself in this video:

All the big names are here and accounted from, From Batman: Arkham VR to The Assembly, Tethered and Fated: The Silent Oath, there is no shortage of games that PS VR owners can now enjoy.

In addition to this, developers are also developing more innovative and highly immersive interactive entertainment experiences with the development tools included in Unreal Engine, which simplifies the process of creating games and content for VR projects.

Free to download get stated, you can grab your copy of Unreal Engine here.

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